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Welcome to the "Fly on the Wall" program.

Thank you very much for your purchase.

Hi, a warm welcome to the “Fly on the Wall” program. I really appreciate your investment and trusting me.

This program has a high price because I only want to work with people who are serious about mastering the craft, and the price is going to increase soon.

Therefore, I’ll use all the power that I have to make sure that you’re not disappointed.

Here are the instructions:

  • Send the multitracks in WAV or AIFF format. Use the same bit rate and sample rate that were used to produce the song (don’t change these).
  • Before you hit export, make sure every individual track is peaking below -3dB. This applies to a group of sounds as well, check to ensure that the group channel is peaking below -3dBFs.
    A good practice would be to make sure that everything is peaking at 0 dBVU during export. This is not necessary though, it just makes things easier when processing.
  • Remove all processing that is not for creative reasons. If you have a reverb, delay, compressor, etc., it has to be stylistic or used for creative reasons. If not, then remove it.
  • Along with the files, send a WAV or AIFF file of the full song. Usually this is the file you’ve been using to get feedback from peers or people you trust. Feel free to have effects on this track wherever necessary. Even if there’s a limiter, bus compression, etc., it’s fine.
  • Also, include reference songs that are closely related to your song to give me an idea of the sound that you’re going for.
  • Create a text document with the tempo or the song, the key (optional), and any instructions or suggestions.
  • Upload everything on and send it to [email protected]

Reach out to the same email if you have any questions.

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