Download Free Multitracks For Mixing Practice

Today I would like to share the best resources where you can download multitracks for mixing practice purposes.

These websites have really helped me sharpen my mixing skills.

It is well-known that you have to put in 10 000 hours to be one of the best at anything. This can also be applied to audio engineering.

Best Websites to Download Free Multitracks

So, to help you save tons of time, I’ve put together my favorite websites that offer high-quality audio files.

Below is a list of websites that offer multitracks for mixing engineers to practice with and build a portfolio.

1. Cambridge MT Library

Cambridge Music Technology is a great resource for engineers. The site is owned and run by Mike Senior. A really awesome and humble guy, spoke to him in the past and he didn’t act like a celebrity.

His website hosts the biggest audio mixing multitracks library that is totally free, is always updated, and has a community where members share and critique mixes.

Follow the link below to check out Cambridge MT to get free multitracks for mixing.

2. Telefunken’s: Download Multitracks For Mixing

Another great resource to download free multitracks is the Telefunken website.

There are quite a number of songs that you can have fun with. All the music on the website was recorded live.

All files are well recorded, and the files are titled with the name of the microphone that was used to record the instruments and vocals.

This can make the EQ process a breeze, especially if you know the frequency response of the microphones.

But that’s something that you can Google and find in a matter of seconds.

There’s not a lot of variety when it comes to the different styles of music. 
You can find more detailed information below.

3. PureMix

PureMix is where you’ll find high-quality audio files and popular names.

The site is mostly focused on giving you the opportunity to be like a fly on the wall and watch how professional engineers record, produce, mix, and master music.

They also offer plugins to their members, run mixing competitions, and do a whole lot of other stuff.

But the reason I mention PureMix is that you can find some great multitracks that you can use to practice mixing.

I have to mention that recently, not all mixing tutorials have come with exercise files. So, don’t get surprised when you can’t find multitracks in certain tutorials.

They say that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best.

Learn from the pros at

4. Nail The Mix

Nail the Mix is a rock and metal school for music producers.

They run mixing contests and give out the multitracks to members to help them fast-track their learning curve.

You’re allowed to use the mixes you create with these multitracks to build a portfolio and acquire clients.

You can only access the files and videos for the months that you’ve paid for. When you want previous content, you can buy each one separately.

It’s an amazing website for anyone who wants to take their mixing skills to the next level.

Even if you don’t make rock or metal music, you’ll still learn a lot.

And you also get multitracks every month.

5. Lewitt Audio

Lewitt Audio is a microphone company from Austria. They run music challenges and mixing contests.

The great thing is that even after the contest has ended, you’re still able to download the multitracks to practice your mixing skills.

Analyze the winners and take a moment to understand why they won.

You can learn a lot by analyzing the top three winners, especially after you've mixed the song.

All the audio files are recorded with top-quality microphones, so you’re guaranteed a great sound from the source.

It's definitely worth checking out.

6. MultiTracks

This is a website created to help small and big churches have good worship songs.

If a church doesn’t have a complete band, they can add multitracks to their live performances to sound like a full band.

So, you can use the multitracks to improve your mixing skills, including live mixing as well.

In most cases, you’ll find stems rather than multitracks, especially for drums; I’ve never seen a song with individual drum sounds on the site.

But since the purpose is just to
practice mixing, that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Check out the website to download gospel and worship music multitracks.

7. Home Studio Corner

Joe Gilder has been running Home Studio Corner since the time of Jesus. I’m just kidding, but this is one of the oldest audio engineering websites.

Joe runs a series that he calls "Mix Together." 

In this series, he sends out different multitracks so that you can use them for your own training purposes.

Another great thing about Mix Together is that you’ll get a video of how Joe mixed the entire song so that you can compare notes.

I recommend you mix the songs he sends you before watching the tutorials; this way, you’ll take your mixing skills to the next level much faster.

Basically, don't cheat.

You’re not only going to get free multitracks, but you’ll also learn a lot about audio engineering from Home Studio Corner, especially when it comes to recording.

So, take the time to check out the site.

8. Mix The Music

Mix the Music is an amazing resource for beginner engineers to download multitracks.

But I hate these guys; their multitracks only work on Studio One. Who in their right mind uses Studio One?

I’m just kidding, hehe…

However, the multitracks can only be used on Studio One. But I believe this will change in the future.

I think they’re doing this to prevent a lot of problems that come with giving out multitracks, so they lock the files so that you can use them for mixing purposes only.

They have multitracks from famous artists in the music industry and different genres.

A great resource for Studio One users.

If they support multiple DAWs, then they'll probably be the number one resource because of their awesome catalog.

9. Art and Science of Sound

I’m not so sure about who’s running this website, but the content is brought to you by the legendary Alan Parsons.

He’s an English audio engineer, songwriter, musician, and record producer.

That means all the multitracks are rock music; there are no other genres.

This is not an issue at all because I’ve learned a lot by mixing rock songs and learning from pro engineers who mix rock music.

The site doesn’t have a huge library of multitracks; it’s just a few songs. The quality is insane, though.

Some of the songs were recorded in the world’s greatest studios, including Abbey Road, The Village in Los Angeles, and Ocean Way in Nashville.

You'll get the files in Wav format at a whopping 88.2 kHz.

For those who use ProTools, you can use the .ptx file that opens up a new session with tracks color-coded, well organized, tempo set, etc.

10. Pro Mix Academy

The Pro Mix Academy is also working with world-class mixing engineers from different genres.

All their tutorials now come with multitracks.

There’s nothing much to say about Pro Mix Academy; they give you top-quality multitracks and magnificent audio engineering training.

They also give you full permission to use the multitracks to build your resume so that you can get clients.

It's definitely worth checking out.

11. Studio Haga

This resource is brought to you by Swedish audio engineer Christian Svedin at Studio Haga.

The style of music is modern pop-rock.

Basically, Christian is just giving back to the community, which is why this is not a huge library of multitracks. This is not the main purpose of the website.

You also have permission to use the mixes you create with these multitracks in your portfolio to get clients.

Each session has a text document with crucial information about the recording, raw tracks, mixed stems (if available), and Christian’s final mix as references.

12. Mix The Band

Mix the Band is brought to you by American Artist/Audio and audio engineer Sean Shannon.

The goal of the website is to help beginner engineers master the art of
mixing music

Among the ear training tools and workshops, Sean offers multitracks.

Pre-recorded multitrack sessions are a great way to expand your knowledge for mixing and can help you build a solid portfolio.

Mix the Band is another great website that you need to check out to improve your skills.

13. Audio School Online

ASO is run by the legendary Ken Lewis.

He has mixed albums for famous artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, Drake, Jay-Z, etc.

The goal of the site is to help beginners learn how to record, mix, produce, and arrange music at home without breaking the bank.

Ken has a series called “Sprint Mixing,” where he sends you different multitracks for you to practice.

Sprint mixing is an amazing idea for teaching people how to mix music.

It will take you from beginner to professional level in record time, and you will be able to finish mixes faster.

This is a great resource for you to learn and get high-quality multitracks.


Learning how to mix music requires a lot of multitracks to practice with, and the websites above can be really great resources when utilized to the fullest.

Remember to also give credit to these sites to show your appreciation.

And keep in mind that if you misuse the files, then you’re ruining a great thing for everyone else.

Treat these files just like you would your property or assets. Please don’t mess this up for everyone.

Respect the artists and the people/companies who’re making this possible.

These multitrack audio files are for the sole purpose of giving mixing engineers the opportunity to use them for home studio use.

So, they’re for educational purposes only.

No commercial use is permitted. Any commercial use or reuse is strictly forbidden.

This also includes making tutorials with these files.

Whether using YouTube or other websites, you can’t monetize your content if you use any of these multitracks.

Do you know of any other multitrack resources? Please share them with us in the comments section.


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