Free Professional Online Mastering Service

Get Your Music To Compete.

After putting a lot of blood and sweat into your music, you deserve world-class mastering to compete with other commercially successful songs.

Quite simply, the Audio Spectra team is one of the undisputed masters of mastering.

The discography includes music that has been at the top of the charts and playlisted on global radio stations.

No matter what genre of music you make, we’ll take good care of your work and make sure that you compete.

Free Audio Mastering Sample

We are so confident in our mastering, and to prove it, we offer a free mastering sample to all our new clients so that they can test the quality of our work.

Your music will also get some of that analog sweetness to make sure that it translates well when played on different sound devices.

If you don’t like the sample, then you don’t pay. So, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying out our mastering service.

Honestly, we’re doing this because the competition is tough when it comes to online audio mastering these days, and this is how we choose to stand out.

So, please don’t take advantage of this service by wasting our time.

The time you’ll waste could be spent helping someone who is really serious about their music career.

To get your free sample, please fill out the form below.

Audio Mastering Service Requirements

  • Mix Bus: remove everything on the mix bus, unless you like the sound and you mixed into it. Switch off any limiters if you added one.
  • Levels: the loudest peak must be around -6dBFs.
  • Sample Rate: use the same sample rate that was used during mixing.
  • Bit Rate: keep it the same as the one that was used in mixing.
  • Reference: send us 2 or more reference songs so that we can have a clear vision of the sound that you’re going for.
  • File Format: send your mix in WAV or AIFF (no MP3 please)

Unfortunately, at this moment we don’t offer Vinyl mastering, but this is something that we’re working on, and we’ll update this page once we’re able to provide the service.

We only provide CD & Streaming services mastering.

Once your mix is ready for mastering, upload it on Drop Box, WeTransfer, or Google Drive then send us the link using our contact page:

Our Process

We care about our clients, and if we have to help you improve your mix before mastering, we’ll talk to you about it.

We’re obsessed with giving you the best results so that your music will get approved no matter where you submit it.

High-end equipment is used to get your music to compete no matter where it’s played, including streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), clubs, in a car, Airpods, open-air stages, etc.

We also provide hassle-free communication and support to make sure that you get the sound that you want.

The Equipment

We work with Downtown Music Studios, and the gear is high-end.

If you’re obsessed with equipment, then let us know and we’ll send you a full list of the gear.

But we believe the engineer's knowledge, experience, and creativity are more important than the equipment they use, so instead of showing you some fancy stuff, we’ll let our work do the talking.

Audio Mastering Examples

Here are a few tracks that we trust will impress you.

We’ll just upload a few projects to keep this post as short as possible, but if you want more, let us know.

Fred Everything, Kathy Diamond - Believe [Master]

One Less Reason - Where Were You [Master]

Ziggy Marley - Fly Rasta [Master]

If you already love the audio examples above and just want to purchase our mastering service, choose from the packages below.

Keep in mind that these are introductory prices; the more clients we get, the more we'll increase the price without notice.

So take advantage of this SPECIAL while it lasts.

Mastering Services Packages

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