I’m Sharing Everything on My Journey to Getting Pro Audio Mixes at Home.

Hi, I’m Gugulethu all the way from South Africa. I’m a musician and a Pro audio engineer.

Many people know me from Talkin Music.

An old student of mine sent me an email asking me about mixing in-the-box.

His problem at the moment is that he can’t go to the studio due to Covid-19 and the restrictions in his country.

To cut the long story short, he stopped making music because he can’t mix the music.

He is Not Alone

I’ve heard this story many times.

What I told him is that you don’t need a fancy studio or expensive gear to get a professional sound that will compete on a commercial level.

I told him that all I need is a laptop and a good pair of headphones.

He sent me a “Lol”.

I told him that I’ll prove it and document myself mixing in-the-box.

He gets excited.

…24 hours later, this blog went live.

I’ll Use This Blog as a Live Case Study.

I’ll be sharing how I mix music at home with a laptop and headphones.

Without a fancy studio or expensive outboard gear.

What you’re going to see is me working through my process of mixing.

I’ll be sharing my strategies, techniques and my results. I’ll also be sharing my successes and failures along the way.

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