7 Best De-esser Plugin (Tame Vocals with Precision and Ease)

Best De-esser Plugin

Sibilance can turn a breathtaking vocal performance into a cringe-worthy experience for your listeners.But fear not.In this blog post, we unveil the top de-esser plugins that will effortlessly tame those harsh frequencies, giving your vocals the clarity and polish they deserve.Get ready to transform your tracks and captivate your audience with crystal-clear, sibilant-free vocals.7 Best … Read more

9 Best Reverb Plugins For Vocals (The Definitive List)

Best Reverb Plugins For Vocals

Vocals are the centerpiece of most modern music, and getting them to sound just right can be a challenging task.One crucial element of creating a captivating vocal track is the use of high-quality reverb.However, with so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming.In this post, we’ll dive deep into some … Read more

Soothe 2 Plugin Review (A Game-Changer for Audio Processing)

Soothe 2 Plugin Review

Have you ever found yourself struggling to clean up harsh resonances or unwanted frequencies in your audio recordings?Perhaps you’ve spent hours tweaking EQ settings, only to find that you’ve made things worse instead of better.Audio processing can be a tricky business, and it often takes a combination of knowledge, skill, and the right tools to … Read more

Differences Between CLA-2A, CLA-3A, and CLA-76 Compressors

Differences Between CLA-2A, CLA-3A, and CLA-76 Compressors

Waves collaborated with the renowned mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge (CLA) to emulate three classic compressors, which are modeled after some of his favorites from the past.In this blog post, we will compare three popular compressor plugins developed by Waves Audio: CLA-2A, CLA-3A, and CLA-76.Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world … Read more

Pultec EQ Demystified: How to Use It for Professional-Quality Audio

How the Pultec EQ Can Transform Your Mixes

The Pultec EQ is a classic analog equalizer that has been used in professional recording studios since the 1950s. It is known for its warm and musical sound, which makes it a favorite among engineers and producers who want to add character to their recordings.The Pultec EQ is actually a combination of two processing tools: … Read more

Inside The 1176 Compressor (The Legend Lives On)

Inside The 1176 Compressor

If you’re a music producer or an audio engineer, then you’re likely familiar with the legendary 1176 compressor. This iconic piece of equipment has been used on countless recordings over the years, and its distinct sound has become a staple of modern music production. Today we’ll take a closer look at the history, design, and … Read more

Best Audio Engineering Books For Beginners

Best Audio Engineering Books For Beginners

Every aspiring audio engineer needs to build a bookshelf. Just like how a story without pictures is a sad one, the same can be said about audio engineering. What you need to get started is not just the software but also the techniques and inspiration from others who have done it before you. Even if … Read more

Best Mix Bus Compressor Plugin

Best Mix Bus Compressor Plugin

Are you ready to take your mixes to the next level?This blog post is your gateway to unlocking the secrets of professional mix bus compression.Discover how these plugins can transform your tracks, bringing clarity, depth, and cohesion to your final mix.Join me on this sonic adventure as we explore the finest tools to elevate your … Read more

My 8 Favorite Bass Distortion Plugins

best bass distortion and saturation plugin for mixing

One of the blog readers asked if I have a go-to distortion plugin for mixing bass.So, in today’s post, I want to share a list of some of my favorite bass distortion plugins.Using distortion on a bass sound will help it to cut through the mix.Distortion adds rich harmonics that will help the bass to … Read more

Best Compressor Plugins For Rap Vocals

Best Compressor Plugins For Rap Vocals

Getting rap vocals to sit perfectly in a mix will mostly require compression.This is why I’ve put together a list of the best compressor plugins for mixing rap, trap and hip-hop vocals to help you choose the right compressor all the time.It is crucial to choose the best tool for the job if you want … Read more