Vocal EQ Cheat Sheet

vocal eq cheat sheet

If you’ve ever wished you had a Vocal EQ cheat sheet, then you’re in luck! This post will provide you with a basic guide to equalizing a voice, as well as some tips for how to use it to your advantage. EQ is one of the most important tools that you can use to improve the … Read more

How To EQ Vocals Like A Pro

How To EQ Vocals Like A Pro

The act of equalizing vocals can be one of the most important steps in achieving a great mix. By using various EQ techniques, you can control the tone and texture of the vocal, making it sound clear and powerful against the other instruments in the mix. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most … Read more

Vocal Compression Attack and Release Settings

Vocal Compression Attack and Release Settings

Vocal compression is an essential part of mixing music, and it can be a tricky process to get right. It is not uncommon to see a vocal producer or engineer struggle with getting the attack and release settings correct for their vocal tracks. This is because it’s important to set the attack and release settings … Read more

Rap Vocal Compression Settings

Rap Vocal Compression Settings

Compression is one of the most important steps of mixing a rap vocal.When done right, it will make every sound in a mix sit well without fluctuating throughout the entire track.When done wrong, other sounds will be loud in certain parts while other tracks will be quieter in different sections of the song.This will ruin … Read more

Vocal Compression Cheat Sheet

Vocal Compression Cheat Sheet

Unlike reverb, delay, and other time-based effects where you can immediately hear how they affect a signal, compression is different.It can take months (or even years) to be able to tell what a compressor is doing to a particular sound.But once you hear it, it’s tough not to listen to it. If a song is … Read more

How to Use Reverb On Vocals

vocal reverb tips for a perfect mix

It is crucial to decide what you want to achieve with the reverb before choosing any plugin.  You need a good intent to get the best results.Think about how the reverb makes you feel instead of focusing on how it sounds.  Sometimes you might go for something that’s natural, lush, or intimate.  The tempo of … Read more

How To Compress Vocals (Without Guesswork!)

how to compress vocals

Getting a vocal to sit perfectly in a mix is not always a walk in the park, especially if you’re working with a singer or rapper who doesn’t have a proper mic technique.In that case, getting the right vocal compression settings can be hit-or-miss for a lot of beginner audio engineers.The key to nailing compression … Read more

How To Use Reference Tracks When Mixing

how to use reference tracks when mixing

Using reference tracks when mixing or making music is something that I wish I knew in the early days of my music career.Reference songs can help you improve the quality of your music at a much faster rate.When you are more advanced you’ll be able to get quality songs that will sound amazing on all … Read more

7 Essential Tips to Create Depth in a Music Mix

How To Create Depth In A Mix | Add Life To Your Mixes

After doing a survey for my blog subscribers I realized that some of my readers are struggling to create depth in a mix.So, in today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add life to your mixes by adding more depth, and this will help you to always picture your mixes in 3 dimensions.These … Read more

How To EQ Drum Overheads

how to eq overheads in any genre

Today you’re not only going to learn how to EQ drum overheads but you’ll be able to apply these techniques to different projects in various genres.When it comes to mixing overheads it is important to diagnose whether your OH (overheads) needs an EQ or not. In some cases, especially when they’re well recorded, a good … Read more