Audio Panning Secrets | How to Pan Different Sounds in a Mix

panning secrets - how to pan instruments in a mix

Welcome to another tutorial, and in this blog post, we’re going to be looking at some techniques for panning instruments and vocals in a mix.Honestly, I’ve never felt the need to create a tutorial about this subject but it seems like a lot of people get confused when it comes to panning. So, the goal … Read more

Mixing Music With Headphones

mixing music with headphones

Most engineers are always against mixing music with headphones.  However, that hasn’t stopped many other musicians to do it.There are also other companies whose main priority is to help engineers to be able to get great quality mixes on headphones.  We’ll talk about these companies later on in this post.In the times that we’re living … Read more

How To Mix Bass For Small Speakers

mixing bass for small speakers

I remember a while back waking up to listen to one of the mixes I finished the previous day at dusk, just before night time.As I was listening to the mix, I was expecting it to have some minor issues that I’ll need to fix but couldn’t hear anything that needs to be fixed.So, that’s … Read more

Mixing Snare Drum | How to Get a Punchy Snare Sound

Mixing Snare Drum | How to Get a Punchy Snare Sound

The snare drum is mostly one of the most important sounds in a mix, and in this tutorial I reveal all the secrets for mixing snare drum and getting a punchy sound all the time.Mixing Snare Drum Before we get started I just want to Thank everyone who supported my previous post about mixing the … Read more

Mixing Kick Drum – Get The Best Sound All The Time

Mixing Kick Drum

Have you ever found yourself getting lost in a sea of bass frequencies, desperately trying to get your kick drum to cut through the mix like a knife through butter? Fear not, my friend, because in this blog we’re going to dive deep into the art of kick drum mixing and unlock the secrets to … Read more