How To Mix Bass For Small Speakers

mixing bass for small speakers

I remember a while back waking up to listen to one of the mixes I finished the previous day at dusk, just before night time.As I was listening to the mix, I was expecting it to have some minor issues that I’ll need to fix but couldn’t hear anything that needs to be fixed.So, that’s … Read more

How To Mix Snare Drum (Get a Fat and Punchy Sound)

Mixing Snare Drum | How to Get a Punchy Snare Sound

The snare drum is mostly one of the most important sounds in a mix, and in this tutorial I reveal all the secrets for mixing snare drum and getting a punchy sound all the time.How to Mix Snare Drum Before we get started I just want to Thank everyone who supported my previous post about … Read more

Mixing Kick Drum – Get The Best Sound All The Time

Mixing Kick Drum

Have you ever found yourself getting lost in a sea of bass frequencies, desperately trying to get your kick drum to cut through the mix like a knife through butter? Fear not, my friend, because in this blog we’re going to dive deep into the art of kick drum mixing and unlock the secrets to … Read more