Audio Mastering

Mastering For Film and Video

Mastering Tips For Film and Video (Get It Right Every Time)

Mastering is a critical process that ensures that a project is of the highest quality before it reaches its final audience.It involves a combination of technical skills, creative vision, and collaboration between different professionals.Today we'll explore the ins and outs of mastering audio for film and video, from the technical …

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Mastering On Headphones

9 Pro Tips for Mastering Your Music with Headphones

If you're an audio engineer or music producer, you know how important it is to have a reliable monitoring system.While studio monitors are the traditional choice, headphones are becoming an increasingly popular option due to their convenience and portability.In this blog post, we'll share 9 pro tips for mastering your …

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Mastering Music With Waves Plugins

Mastering With Waves Plugins

Welcome to Audio Spectra, in today's tutorial we’ll be talking about mastering your music with waves audio plugins.The most important thing that I want you to pick up is that there are a lot of misconceptions about mastering.Beginner engineers are often fooled into thinking that mastering is some magical process …

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How to Effectively EQ Your Master

How to Effectively EQ Your Master (Eliminate ALL Guesswork)

Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you’re equalizing then when you’re done you are not even sure if those EQ settings are the right ones or not?This is the number one thing that most beginner and intermediate engineers struggle with.  I struggled with it for a long …

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